Produção e caracterização de microparticulas de alginato incorporando Aeromonas Hydrophila inativada para imunização de tilapia do nilo por via oral

by Rodrigues, Ana Paula

Abstract (Summary)
The oral vaccination of fishes has been considered a relevant altemative for the innnunization of these animals, since it eliminates the stress eaused by the immunologieal agent parenteral administration, added to the possibility of quickly vaccinating large numbers of animalsith reduced costs. The effectiveness of this approach is limited, however since the vaccine can be destroyed in the fish digestive system and interactionsith the feed components can oceUf. The purpose of tbis work was to produee and to characterize alginate microspheres with entrapped inactive Aeromonas hydrophila celIs for the oral immunization of Nile tilapia, against tbis bacteria, commonly found in high density fish production systems. The use of low cost raw materiaIs and of particle production methodologies easy to seale up were focused. Comparative studies with bovine serum albumin (BSA), as a mode! antigen, incorporated in the partic1es were also performed. The microspheres were prepared with vegetable oils emu1sion, and the infiuenee of alginate, aetive agent (BSA Of bacteria) and Span@ 80 surfactant concentration, stirring rate, and the. ratio between aqueous alginate and oi! phases on partic1e charaeteristics were evaluated. Spherical particles were obtained, with average diameters ranging trom 55.3 J.U11 to 143.0 J.L11l containing trom 0.70 to 4.20 rngImL of BSA, corresponding to incorporation efficieneies varying ITom 72 to 84%. For the baeteria, the incorporation efficiency reached 100 % and the particles obtained,,'presented mean diameters trom 39.2 to 82.0 _m. Microspheres containing 14.22 mg/rnL of cells prepared with 1:9 (v/v) of aqueous phase (containing alginate at 3.5% w/v) in relation to the oi! phase (com oi! containing 0.2 % Span@80) under mechanical stirring at 2,000 rpm remained stable in gastrointestinal conditions for 12 hours
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Advisor:Angela Maria Moraes; Angela Maria Moraes [Orientador]; Theo Guenter Kieckbusch; Henrique Cesar Pereira Figueiredo

School:Universidade Estadual de Campinas

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Alginatos Aeromonas hydrophila Microparticulas


Date of Publication:06/24/2004

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