e-Services - where is the return on investment?

by Perjos, Ulrika

Abstract (Summary)
ABSTRACTe-Services, or customer service, over the Internet is becoming increasingly popular and well traveled, but it is also rapidly changing along with new needs and demands as well as new technology. Many companies are about to experience the change from just using the web as a static service tool to be able to use the web as an interactive medium and an online extension of their business. Simplexica has developed, and implemented, their own e-service where their customers have access to their personal pages where they receive news and publications. The main purpose, though, is to make their technical expertise available for their trusted partners and customers in order for them to design their own technical system and to place orders online. Simplexica’s experience from the e-service implementation has proven to be a success in some markets, within some areas and with some customers, but the e-service is still struggling to get utilized to it’s full potential and showing an return on investment.The purpose and objective of this thesis report is to analyze and generally describe the e-service portal and the e-service business process used by Simplexica today in order to find areas and functions within e-service which Simplexica can use and apply to improve their existing e-service business process. This thesis report also aims to analyze and evaluate the return on investment of the e-service.More specifically the thesis work strives to answer:? How could the e-service process in place at Simplexica today be described?? How to best globally utilize the full concept of e-service at Simplexica?? Where is the return on investment at Simplexica?The theoretical framework includes e-services, customer relationship management, business process management and methods of identifying gains, which is combined with a hermeneutic scientific perspective, a deductive research approach and a qualitative method in order to identify and evaluate different ways of calculating a return on investment that would be useful to Simplexica.There is no simple solution to the dilemma, but the author summarizes the findings and recommendations in a suggested action plan where changes within Simplexica’s current e-service concept and the financial benefits of the investment, are in focus by:? removing the barriers for using the e-service where a key element is to create a common understanding, internally and externally, for their current e-service and e-process.? measuring key indicators and to incorporate crucial customer data? analyzing the return on investment and estimating the effect and value of intangible benefits? establishing a model for determining a successful investment based on a variant of the 5-table? extending, upgrading and changing the current e-service by using new technology as, for instance, M2M and e-mail channeling, and to introduce a total customer service strategy throughout Simplexica.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

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Source Type:Master's Thesis

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Date of Publication:03/05/2007

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