”Har du råd att leva på halva din lön?” : En studie om pensionssparande ur ett marknadsföringsperspektiv

by Svensson, Sofia; Pettersson, Lina

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Abstract Titel: ”Kan du leva på halva din lön? ? En studie om pensionssparandeur ett marknadsföringsperspektiv”Date for seminar: Thursday, 31 of may 2007Subject: Marketing C, Bachelor thesis, 10 pAuthors: Lina Pettersson, Sofia SvenssonSupervisor: Anneli LindeKeywords: Marketing, Pension, Banks, Insurance Companies, Pension CompaniesPurpose: We aim to map out how our chosen companies; banks, insurance companies and pension companies market the product pension towards individuals at the Swedish market. Beside this, we wish to compare the way these companies work to see if there are any strategic differences in the process. By doing this, we wish to get a deeper understanding in the way the pension market works and how the companies work to get to the market.Metodhology: A qualitative study about the marketefforts that is done by companies at the Swedish pension market. We have gathered the empirical material through eight semi?structured interviews with our chosen companies. The empirical findings are later analysed on the basis of an analytical framework.Theoretical Perspectives: The analytical framework is based, among others, on theories that discuss high? and low involvement products, relationship marketing and Internet as a marketplace.Empirical Foundation: The empirical study is to the biggest part based on eight semi?structured interviews with banks, insurance companies and pension companies. The other part consists of these companies marketing efforts through different channels.Conclusions: All of the companies is doing an active work to strengthen the trademark with the aim to create an awareness among the clients The direct marketing according to pensions is sent out by segmented marketing where the target group is people that have been ctive in the labour market for some years. This target group comprises people that already have a capital of pension savings and the economical situation is more stable The companies state that this target group has a higher personal interest in pension savings, something that tend to grow when the consumers gets older.To reach the target group the companies are using integrated marketing where more than one medium is used to be a complement toeach other to be able to deliver the right message and feelings. One medium that companies usually use is TV where feelings can be delivered, which is important to reach the awareness of the people.The market of pensions is under big development since the reform in 1999, where companies increase their main activity with pensions, we can see some strategic differences among the studied companies. Our understanding of the map out according to marketing of pensions is that it got to be advantages in sending a specific messge about pensions, even though the market seems to be hard to reach with this message. “Can you afford to live on half of your wages?” is one example in how attracted the message can be when a majority in our surroundings and the interviewed company’s makes coments about this marketing effort. We like to add that we have got the understanding that the studied companies think of this effort as positive when it states t benefit all the companies at the market of pensions.
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School:Umeå universitet

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Date of Publication:08/28/2007

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