A formação do professor leitor: práticas de leitura em diferentes contextos

by Pozzetti, Renata Angélica

Abstract (Summary)
The theme reported in this research concerns about the teacher-reader?sformation and the reading teaching aiming at investigating the formation of thereading teacher in videoconference and in the reading social practice in group.This research aims at having a different look to the teacher-reader formation,responsible in a certain way, for cultivating the readers?will and therefore heneeds to know the theories of the reading teaching and experiences new waysof reading, such as the ?think-aloud? in group, in which the co-construction andnegotiation of meanings in the interaction of the readers in group occur. Thedata of the research were elaborated according to the videoconference destinedto the teachers of the public schools, who belong to the ?Programa Ler e Viver?,and according to the reading social practice of the ?high-thinking?in group(Zanotto, 1995, 1998) in which two teachers who are finishing the course areinvolved with the purpose of getting the conception of reading that is in each ofthose practices and the theoretical and methodological theories that can begiven to the teacher in formation (Kleiman, 1995; Soares, 1998). Then, I havesuggested a research in which the corpus, the treatment and the data analysisare based on the qualitative research, more precisely, the Ethnographic one.The Ethnographic research can be considered the base to the reflection of howthe teacher-reader formation and the reading are. As a researcher I got adifferent position in each of both moments: as an observer during thevideoconference and as an observer-participant (Atkenson & Hammersley,1998) in the ?think-aloud? in group, without any intention of modifying people orthe environment.
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Advisor:Mara Sophia Zanotto

School:Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Teacher-reader Social practice reading


Date of Publication:11/09/2007

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