Contribuição do estudo de carne de umidade intermediaria estocada a temperatura tropical

by Moretto, Eliane

Abstract (Summary)
Desorption tests were carried out using samp1es of bovine musc1es ( semitendinosus, 1 cm3 each) soaked in sucrose, glycerol and commercially-available com glycose solutions of different water activities (Wa).Samples' water activities and both, theoretical and experimental water activities of the infusion solutions were compared. Moisture and free fatty acid contents in all samples were determined.A sodium clorine-saturated brine test in different temperatures and time previous to desorption in glycerol solution did not seem advantagesin reducing samples water activities.Potassium sorbate in the infusion solutions as well as an after-treatment (5 % solution) yie1ded equiva1ent good fungicide results. Samples with 0.73, 0.79 and 0.77 water activities (desorpted in sucrase, glycerol and corn-glycose solutions, respectivelly) were packed in polyethylene bags and stored at 37° C for three months. Analysis were made every fifteenth day.Samples showed general microbio1ogica1 stability. Free fatty acid contents increased up to the second week and lowered by the storage end. Hematin solubility decreased all along. Changes in color from brilliant red to pale gold-yellow were observed Moisture contents ware also lower. Sensory evaluations presented poor results specia11y as to corn-glycose treated sample but texture was the least affected characteristic
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Advisor:Olavo Rusig; Olavo Rusig [Orientador]

School:Universidade Estadual de Campinas

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:carnes conservação temperatura


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