Interferência do diabetes mellitus tipo I nos níveis de lactose na transição entre as fases I e II da lactogênese em mulheres puérperas

by de Morais, Angela Maria

Abstract (Summary)
Lactogenesis is constituted by two phases, called as lactogenesis I andlactogenesis II. The transition between those phases is characterized byincrease in the lactose concentration. This study aimed to evaluate theinterference of diabetes mellitus in the lactose concentration associated totransition between phases I and II of lactogenesis. It was studied 11 puerperalwomen with pre-gestational diabetes mellitus and 19 without diabetes. Duringthe five first days after delivery, at each 24 hours, it was collected colostrumssamples to evaluate its lactose concentration by reaction with picric acid. Inboth groups there were progressive increases in the lactose levels with time.The lactose concentrations in both groups exhibited statistically significantsigmoidal dependences with the time after delivery, with neat two-statetransition between the phases I and II of lactogenesis. The analysis of thosetransitions revealed an 18 hours time delay in the beginning of lactogenesis IIof diabetes carriers? women with inadequate metabolic control in relation topuerperal females without diabetes.
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Advisor:Paulo Tannus Jorge; Vânia Olivetti Steffen Abdallah; Nilson Penha Silva

School:Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Diabetes mellitus Lactogênese Lactose Lactogenesis Human milk


Date of Publication:11/29/2005

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