Influência do agregado graúdo reciclado de resíduos daconstrução predial nas propriedades do concreto fresco eendurecido

by Nunes, Wesley Carlos

Abstract (Summary)
Recycling waste materials is an efficient way to hinder environmental, social andeconomic impacts of the civil construction industry. This dissertation aimed at verifying thebehavior of different concretes made of coarse recycled aggregate (AGR), mineral fractionscollected from the waste (RCD) of a high- rise apartment building (multiple floor building).The RCD has been selectively collected at the building construction site and processed by ajaw crusher. The study focused on the effects of gradual replacements of coarse naturalaggregate (AGN) by AGR where the fundamental properties of the fresh and hardenedconcretes are concerned. The experiment involved the production of three dryaggregate/ceme nt ratios: (3,5 / 1), (5 / 1) and (6,5 / 1) for each concrete family (zero%, 25%,50%, 75% and 100% replacement contents of AGN by AGR), and thus 15 different concretemix proportions were manufactured. Workability, entrapped air, and density were thevariables analyzed in the fresh concretes. Furthermore, water absorption, density, total poresvolume, compressive strength, splitting-tensile strength, and initial-tangent modulus were theproperties studied in hardened concretes. The strengths of concretes with AGR contents arelower than those of corresponding reference concretes (zero% of replacement content of AGNby AGR). However, reductions in the cement content in mixtures of the concretes producedwith AGR showed compressive and splitting-tensile strengths values nearer to those of thereference concrete family. The experiment allows for the conclusion that concretes producedfrom AGR of RCD can be used for several purposes in civil construction, if the managementof concrete mix proportions and the control of quality are performed under the liability ofcapable and qualified professionals.
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Advisor:Enio José Pazini Figueiredo

School:Universidade Federal de Goiás

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Construction wastes management Sustainable development demolition wastes; CD Recycled aggregates Concrete


Date of Publication:10/04/2007

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