A composição do "Quantum" idenizatório no dano moral

by Nerling Konrad, Sandra Ligian

Abstract (Summary)
Consists lhe present work in a doctrinal and jurispudencialanalysis of lhe composition of quantum of indemnity in lhe moraldamage, from lhe etymology origin and lhe meaning given currently,to lhe term "civil responsibility", also approaching its legal nature,kinds and essentials antecedent facts, standing out mainly lhedistinction between material and moral damage, and still analyzinglhe repairing and lhe theories about lhe redress of moral damageand its admissibility besides lhe forms of repairing damageconcerning and possibilitie of application.Also it constitutes object of comparative inquiry lhe repairingof moral damage in lhe native legal system and in lhe legal systemof Germany, Argentina, Spain and Italy, pointing lhe main similaritiesand differences.The composition of "quantum indenizatório" is studied, ofmore specific form, in lhe chapter of closing of this dissertation,where lhe concept, function and modalities of liquidation are dealtwith, beyond lhe guarantees of indemnity, with special approach forlhe problematic question of lhe criteria to be considered for lhestipulation of lhe damages value, controversial and excellentsubject, that it has started some warm doctrinal and jurisprudencialdiscussions
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Advisor:Maria Helena Diniz

School:Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Civil responsibility


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