A disaster preparedness plan for small islands the case of Santorini, Greece /

by Yacks, Craig Thomas.

Abstract (Summary)
Due to their locations around the world, small islands are especially vulnerable to natural disasters. Most of the islands are in hurricane and cyclone paths, and many are of volcanic origin, thus increasing the threat of an earthquake. However, the natural beauty of these locals and the uniqueness of their geographical features often make these islands magnets for tourism. As a result, the limited area for development is often dense, located near the most aesthetically striking features which also are the most vulnerable locations. The goal of the study was to prove that the present models for small island disaster planning are inadequate, and furthermore, a more complete model could be developed. By not just comparing the two models and case studies, but by understanding the methodologies of each, as well as citing additional cases, these goals were achieved. ii
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School:University of Cincinnati

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