Företagsetablering på den svenska marknaden : en studie om tre svenska jeansföretag

by Modée Rasting, Vida; Sundin, Daniel

Abstract (Summary)
Purpose:This study aims to investigate how jeans clothing companies can establish themselves on an already mature market.This has been performed by studying and analysing three Swedish jeans companies. The goal was to establish what the most important factors were in establishing a jeans clothing company on the Swedish market.Methodology:Qualitative interviews where made with three jeans companies. The interviews gave a description of both the companies establishing strategies as well as their identities. These where later used as an underline for a quantitative questionnaire survey directed towards the companies potential and existing customers. The questionnaire gave answers concerning important customer factors when buying jeans. The survey also described the consumers brand image and their preference in brands.Theoretical perspectives:The study is based on different theories and methods that seems relevant for the purpose of the study.Empirical Foundations:The empiri consists both of the information received through the interviews with the three companies and the result from the quantitative questionnaire survey.Conclusions:100 percent of the respondents rate the appearance of the jeans as more important than the price. The company trademarks are therefore more or less highly involving. The clothing companies must, due to this, first and foremost offer an appealing product to establish themselves. In today’s mature market it isn’t enough to compete with a classic market mix even if it is combined with a network theory. Jeans companies that want to establish themselves on the Swedish market must do so using trademark building processes, designed towards creating a good image.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:08/24/2006

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