[demos.v1.0] till [demos.v2.0] : En fallstudie av modifierbarhet

by Johansson, Magnus

Abstract (Summary)
This report is an examination paper in computer science at University of Växjö. The report will focus on the possibility to create adaptable systems and to cost calculate the work needed to modify a system to meet new demands. A project [demos] developed by Interactive Institute studio [12-21] in Växjö is the starting point in our work. They have during a period of two years developed a prototype of a system which intends to get youth and democratic selected representatives a communication platform where they may communicate with SMS. Today they are in a position when they want to develop the system for other user groups with slighter different purpose and to do that they need a more flexible system. In a problem analysis they found out three mayor drawbacks in the system that needed to be changed; member system, the interface to the mobile operator and the managing of messages. These scenarios were analysed with a method called ALMA and in this analyse we found out that the system as it is now is hard to modify. After redesigned and modified the system from [demos.v1] to [demos.v2] we analysed the system again with the ALMA-method and besides the three initial scenarios we also added three new forthcoming scenarios to see how the developed version will meet this demands. The result of this test showed that [demos.v2] was better developed to stand new changes at lower costs than the original system.
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:11/17/2005

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