The demonstration of electron-transfer reactions and their effect on model lignin condensation reactions under alkaline pulping conditions

by Smith, Dean A.

Abstract (Summary)
16 Introduction 16 Results and Discussion 18 Sodium Hydroxide Reaction 18 Radical Initiators and Inhibitors 23 Radical Initiators 23 Radical Inhibitors 24 Pulping Reagents 29 Anthrahydroquinone 30 Glucose 37 Sodium Sulfide 41 Sodium Sulfide-Anthrahydroquinone 46 Sodium Sulfide-Glucose 46 Conclusions 47 Experimental 48 Procedures and Analyses 48 Syringyl Alcohol Reaction (Control) 48 Syringyl Alcohol Additive Reactions 50 Bisyringyl Analysis 51 Syringyl Alcohol-AHQ Adducts 51 Sulfur Compounds 52 ii Syntheses Anthrahydroquinone Syringyl Alcohol Disyringylmethane Deuterium-Enriched Syringaldehyde Deuterium-Enriched Syringyl Alcohol Deuterium-Enriched Syringol a,a-Dideuteriosyringyl Alcohol a,a-Dideuteriodisyringylmethane Bisyringyl References
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School:Georgia Institute of Technology

School Location:USA - Georgia

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:institute of paper science and technology


Date of Publication:01/01/1986

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