Activación del eosinófilo en la pancreatitis aguda.

by Montañana Llorens, Consuelo Concepción

Abstract (Summary)
ABSTRACT Acute Pancreatitis (AP) is a pancreas inflammatory process that can affect to other distant organ. AP exhibits a wide variability in its severity, in most cases the course is fairly benign (mild AP) while in others it may progress to a more severe form (severe AP) with local complications or systemic -inflammatory response which can led to multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. Local inflammatory response is an early event in AP and has been revealed neutrophils, macrophages and mast cells infiltrated in pancreas; however, there is no information about eosinophil participation in this process. Eosinophil development from the bone marrow, trafficking into tissues and activation are mediated by a regulated process involving cytokines and chemokines, chemical mediators secreted from leukocytes, endotelial cell and tissue resident cells. IL-5 cytokine is the most selective for eosinophils differentiation and eotaxin has a selectively chemoattractant activity that regulates eosinophil trafficking. There are no studies about eosinophils role in inflammatory process of acute pancreatitis. Our study try to evaluate eosinophil responsability through the eosinophils number quantification and eotaxin and IL-5 determination, cytokines involved in differentiation, activation and survival eosinophil. Results show a progresive increase in eosinophils number from inclusion to month from acute onset, whereas eosinophils number remain in normal range. Serum IL-5 concentration increases at day 1 to 4, and become in normal values at day 5 after the inclusion, similar fact to other proinflammatory cytokines. This results are in line with eosinophil hematopoiesis activation in early phase. However, eotaxin concnetration is similar to control from day 1 to day 2, and increases from day 4 to month. This results suggest eosinophil activation in tissue and an inmunoregulatory role in inflammatory process of acute pancreatitis.
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Advisor:Mir Gisbert, Amparo; Benages Martínez, Adolfo

School:Universitat de València

School Location:Spain

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:bioquímica i biologia molecular


Date of Publication:03/13/2008

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