Compreesão de textos com conteúdos matemáticospor parte de aprendizes jovens e adultos/as

by Henao Henao, Edier Yorley

Abstract (Summary)
In this investigation it was analyzed which are the difficulties and/or strengths, forthe understanding of texts with mathematical contents by 27 youths and adults frompopular places. The subjects investigated are part of the project Basic Education andLiteracy among Women for the reconciliation, the coexistence and the peace, impelled bythe Educational Corporation CLEBA on Itagüí municipality, department of Antioquia inColombia. To deepen in some theoretical aspects that we consider important for the presentstudy, questions like the contribution of the mathematical contents were approached in theunderstanding of texts and some psychological capacities that should be developed fromthe teaching and learning of the mathematics. On this way, the investigation was basedconceptually, on the conception of the mathematics as a language; about the understandingof texts and the mathematical understanding. We also kept in mind the socialinteractiontheory like foundation of some psychological capacities characteristic of the mathematicalactivity. The data were collected through a grupal interview, the bibliographical review andfour written instruments, three of those texts with mathematical contents. Starting fromthose texts we obtained some productions of the investigated that include the knowledge ofmathematical contents and the following of instructions starting from the same ones,inferences starting from explicit and implicit data in the texts, to operate with and startingfrom mathematical contents and the work with different registrations of semeioticrepresentation, among others. As part of the results we could explain the presence ofdifficulties and strengths in the understanding of the texts with mathematical contents thatare framed basically from the previous experiences and the subjectivity of the investigated,the school level, the specify from the mathematical knowledge and the inherent capacitiesto the understanding of texts
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Advisor:Circe mary Silva da Silva Dynnikov

School:Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Curriculum Texts Mathematical Contents Capacities Difficulties.


Date of Publication:08/29/2006

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