A construção de estratégias para abordagem do tema energia a luzdo enfoque Ciência-Tecnologia-Sociedade (CTS) junto a professores de física do ensino médio.

by da Rocha, José Roberto

Abstract (Summary)
Problems related to teachers? formation have been pointed in literature as one of the obstacles with respect to the implementation of the Science-Technology-Society (CTS)approach in Brazil as well as in the rest of the world. To identify in order to understand aspects related to this problematic was the reason of this inquiry carried through with a groupof public schools teachers in Rio de Janeiro. For the accomplishment of the research, a formative activity for senior high school physics teachers was organized, having as mainsubject the production and the consumption of the electric energy, supported along the lines of direction of the CTS approach. Although the complexity of the problem is recognized as due to innumerable factors that contribute for teachers? formation, we search to answer the following question: How a group of public senior high school physics teachers see thepossibility of construction of strategies for dealing with the subject of production and consumption of the electric energy based upon the CTS approach? The research had directrelation with participants? formation as it intended to understand the process of construction of didactic strategies suggested by them throughout the formative activity, inserted in a space of continued formation. The importance of the dynamics of this space of formation in relation to the perspective of construction of meaning for CTS approach based upon the research theme was one of the main focuses, besides the interest in the role of this space as reflectionspromoter about practices that can lead to professional identity construction that favors professional development and autonomy needed for a better pedagogical action within CTSperspective. Research data was collected and analyzed in two stages. The first one involved an exploratory research that intended to promote the formation of the group of participantteachers, as well as integrate its members and characterize them. On the second stage, a research-action was developed, where the subjects had the chance to participate actively, in acooperative form, working together in constructing the proposal, with their knowledge, critics and suggestions, at the same time reflecting on their practices. Thus, we believe to have been possible to study the process of collective construction of the proposal for dealing with thesuggested theme. The main findings of the research bring contributions to strengthen the necessity to implement formative actions in service, in order to improve teaching practices in physics and other areas of teaching.
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Advisor:Helena Amaral da Fontoura; Deise Miranda Vianna

School:Faculdades Oswaldo Cruz

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Physics/education Energy Education, Primary and Secondary Science, Technology Society


Date of Publication:07/30/2008

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