Evolución histórica de la valoración de los criterios de aptitud psicofísicos para conducir en España.

by Ozcoidi Val, Marta

Abstract (Summary)
ABSTRACT Objectives: To determine when and how the changes in the assessment of drivers in Spain have been carried out. To analyse the regulated guidelines, taking into account the characteristics of the Institutions and people who have been influential in the execution of these developmental changes. Material and methods: Through retrospective investigation of different collections of Spanish legislation, through consultations of bibliographies using search engines and databases, and through interviews with the people currently participating in making changes. Development: The development can be observed through analysing the modifications made to legislation over the years: 1900 Royal Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture, Industry, Trade and Works of the 17th September, Law for the service provided for cars on State roads. 1918 Royal Decree of the Ministry of Public Works and Buildings of the 23rd July, Law for the circulation of motor-operated vehicles on public roads in Spain. 1926 Law for the circulation of motor-operated vehicles on public roads in Spain, Royal Decree of the 16th June. 1934 Decree of the Prime Minister of the Cabinet of the 25th September. Highway Code, 1934, for the transit of pedestrians, vehicles and livestock on public roads in Spain. 1965 Decree 20th May, 1965, Modify various sections of the Highway Code. 1969 Order of the 5th February, 1969. Ministry of the Interior. 1982 Order of the 22nd September, 1982, develop the Royal Decree 1467/82 of the 28th May. 1985 Decree 2272/85 of the 4th December, determine the psychophysical aptitude requirements for drivers and regulate the examination centres. 1997 Royal Decree 772/97 of the 30th May. General Laws for Drivers. 2004 Proposal for the future. In order to facilitate the analysis, three periods have been established: initial, until 1934; middle, until 1982; and present. Conclusions: The physical and psychological criteria taken into consideration in the assessment of drivers have increased over the course of the established periods. Particular characteristics have been observed in each phase.
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Advisor:Tortosa Gil, Francisco; Civera Molla, Cristina; Álvarez González, Fco. Javier

School:Universitat de València

School Location:Spain

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:personalitat avaluació i tractaments psicològics


Date of Publication:10/23/2004

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