Integración de la epistemología en la formación del profesorado de ciencias

by Adúriz-Bravo, Agustín

Abstract (Summary)
Didactics of science (science education as a discipline) currently recognises the urgent need to educate science teachers in the metasciences (philosophy, history and sociology of science). This thesis is devoted to a critical revision of this idea and to the construction of criteria and proposals for prospective science teacher education in the philosophy of science. We start from proposing that didactics of science, as a discipline with some degree of maturity and consolidation, admits theoretical foundations from an epistemological point of view. This statement is argued for in the field of science teacher education. The thesis begins exposing a classification of the disciplinary relationships between didactics of science and the philosophy of science. These relationships are reviewed according to their possible value for science teacher education. Within this general background, three areas of interest are proposed. These areas are subsequently developed in three practical applications: a didactical transposition of the philosophy of science to introduce it into the curriculum, an epistemological revision of didactics of science as a discipline, and the epistemological foundations of the science curriculum. The contribution of this thesis to the philosophical education of science teachers is focused on an identification of the main schools of 20th century philosophy of science and of the fundamental epistemological ideas that these schools have addressed. Two constructs are defined: the stages and strands of the philosophy of science; when combined, these constructs generate a matrix to organise the selection and implementation of contents from the philosophy of science in science teacher education. The conceptual framework presented in this thesis is developed through practical examples organised in the three applications that are exposed in the second part. These applications respectively collect: activities to teach central epistemological topics, activities to reflect on didactics of science and science education practice, and activities to epistemologically examine the secondary physics curriculum.
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Advisor:Mercè Izquierdo

School:Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona

School Location:Spain

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:423 departament de didactica la matematica i les cc experimentals


Date of Publication:12/17/2001

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