Modélisation théorique de la spectroscopie d'actinides des solvatés. Theoretical modelling of actinide spectra in solution.

by Danilo, Cecile

Abstract (Summary)

The framework of this PhD is the interpretation of Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation Dispersion experiments performed on solvated U4+, NpO2+ and PuO22+, which all have an f2 configuration. Unexpectedly the two actinyl ions have a much higher relaxivity than U4+. One possible explanation is that the electronic relaxation rate is faster for Uranium(IV) than for the actinyl ions. We address this problem by exploring the electronic spectrum of the three compounds in solution. A preliminary step is the computation of the electronic spectra of these three ions in gas phase. A two-step SOCI method has been used to investigate the spectroscopy in gas phase and in solution. The influence of electron correlation  (treated in the first step) and spin-orbit relaxation effects (considered in the second step) has been discussed thoroughly. The influence of the first hydration sphere and the bulk solvent effects has been investigated as well.Another issue that has been questioned is the accuracy of Density Functional Theory for the study of actinide species. This matter has been discussed by comparing its performance to wave-function based correlated methods. The chemical problem chosen was the water exchange in UO22+(H2O)5. This reaction can proceed via three pathways, the associative, the dissociative and the symmetric interchange. We looked at the two former ones using a model with one additional water in the second hydration sphere.The last part of the thesis dealt with the spectroscopy of coordinated Uranyl(V). Absorption spectrum of Uranyl(V) with various ligands has been recorded. The first sharp absorption band in the Near Infrared region were assigned to the Uranium centered 5f-5f transitions, but uncertainties remained for the assignment of transitions observed in the Visible region. We computed the spectra of naked UO2+ and [UO2(CO3)3]5- to elucidate the spectral changes induced by the carbonate ligands.

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School:Stockholms universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Doctoral Dissertation

Keywords:NATURAL SCIENCES; Physics; Atomic and molecular physics; Chemical physics; Actinides; spectra; solution; Chemical Physics; kemisk fysik


Date of Publication:01/01/2009

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