Avaliação de frações antigênicas da forma metacestódea de Taenia saginata no imunodiagnóstico da neurocisticercose humana

by de Oliveira, Heliana Batista

Abstract (Summary)
Application of Taenia saginata metacestodes as alternative antigen is an importantalternative for neurocysticercosis (NC) serodiagnosis. The cross reaction withEchinococcus granulosus infection occurred in homologous and heterologous antigens,and could be avoid with different purified methods. This study analyzed antigen fractionsobtained from crude saline extract of T. saginata metacestodes purified by affinitychromatography with the lectin jacalin (unbound and bound fraction), concanavalin A(unbound and bound fraction), concanavalin A using jacalina unbound fraction (unboundand bound fraction) and N-acetil (unbound and bound fraction). The fraction were testedfor the detection of IgG antibodies by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) andimmunoblot for the laboratory diagnosis of human NC. The application of T. saginatametacestodes as an alternative antigen for use in ELISA and WB tests compared with themetacestodes antigen of Taenia solium in CFS samples was also analyzed. Serumsamples were obtained from 142 individuals: 40 were diagnosed with NC, 62 presentedTaenia sp. and other parasitic diseases and 40 were apparently healthy individuals. TheCSF samples were obtained from 35 patients with definitive neurocysticercosis; and 35patients with other neurological disorder. Among the fractions, unbound concanavalin Ademonstrated statically higher sensitivity and specificity by ELISA (90% and 93.1 %,respectively). By Immunoblot, the concanavalin unbound showed 100% of sensitivityand specificity, where only serum samples from patients with NC recognized the proteinof 64-68 kDa, so this antigen fraction may be used as specific antigen for diagnosis ofNC. The sensitivity and specificity of ELISA using antigen obtained from T. soliumapplied to CSF samples results of 100%. When the tests were conducted using T.saginata metacestodes, results were 100% and 94.3%, respectively. The 47-52, 64-68 and70 kDa antigens were recognized by only CSF samples from patients with NC. Theresults indicated that T. saginata metacestodes can be used as alternative antigen for NCdiagnosis using LCR samples.
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Advisor:Deise Aparecida de Oliveira Silva; Sumie Hoshino Shimizu; Cláudio Vieira da Silva; José Antônio Livramento; Julia Maria Costa-Cruz

School:Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Taenia saginata Neurocisticercose Concanavalin A Jacalina Nacetilglicosamina Neurocysticercosis Jacalin Nacetilglycosamin Cerebrospinal fluid Serum Immunoblotting Imunodiagnóstico


Date of Publication:05/16/2008

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