Descontaminação de canetas odontológicas de alta rotação em unidades básicas de saúde no município de Goiânia

by Pereira, Renata Silva

Abstract (Summary)
Infection control is considered an essential matter for the safety of patients and professionals The high speed handpiece is a frequently used device during its function it produces aerosols which potentiales microbial dissemination Besides its decontamination is quite polemic According to previous survey carried through in the main health care providers of Goiânia city it is observed a huge utilization of the 70% ethylic alcohol in the disinfection procedures of the high speed handpiece substituting other sterilization methods This study aimed to identify the routine of the high speed handpiece decontamination at the main health care providers in Goiânia city and to verify the bactericide and fungicide action of 70% ethylic alcohol in the high speed handpiece decontamination according to the adopted routine It was realized in seven Center of Integral Attendance to Health which offer dentistry attendance to the population in general of Goiânia city Two different quizzes were applied The first one was for the technician responsible for the high speed handpiece processing and the second one for the dentists in their respective centers The data was analyzed with Epi Info 2000 software version 3.3.2 and presented in a descriptive way For the microbiology analysis 70 samples of 19 high speed handpieces were collected at the seven main health care providers under study The collection was realized with sterile swab all over the high speed handpiece that were surface ready to be used after the disinfection procedure with the 70% ethylic alcohol between appointments There was no interference in the routine of the main health care providers due to the high speed handpiece procedure during in the collection data At all the main health care providers it was observed unsuitable procedures of the high speed handpiece which endanger its quality The procedures related to the suitable decontamination process to high speed handpiece were not realized by any technician responsible for its processing which transgress the recommendation of the Ministry of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention It is worth pointing out that the high speed handpiece are semicritical devices and require sterilization between uses It was identified the presence of potentially pathogenic microorganisms on the high speed handpiece surface after the use of 70% ethylic alcohol The growth in culture of Gram positive coccus was verified in 29 (41,5%) samples, yeast in eight (11,4%) and Gram positive coccus associated with yeast in nine (12,8%) The consequences of the lack of standardization in the high speed handpiece processing go beyond the non-obtainment of the expected effect to the 70% ethylic alcohol and can result into risks for those responsible for the sterilization for dentists and mainly for the patients
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Advisor:Anaclara Ferreira Veiga Tipple; Cleomenes Reis

School:Universidade Federal de Goiás

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:decontamination high speed handpiece 70% ethylic alcohol


Date of Publication:03/31/2006

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