Método de aprendizagem por projectos no ensino de Física em Moçambique

by Victorino, Alfiado

Abstract (Summary)
Several times, in conversation with students, I felt certain disenchantmentbetween them and lhe curricular Physics subject When lhe present essay gol intolhe student's role in lhe teaching and learning process of Physics subject in lheMozambican schools taking as reference two public ones of lhe Beira city namely,"Samora Moisés Machel" Secondary School and "Mateus Sansão Mutemba"Secondary School, intends to understand lhe reasons of "disagreement" betweenstudents and Physics subject, on lhe one hand, and suggest some actions to betaken in arder to make lhe Phisics teaching become more relevant and more andmore interesting and attractive for lhe students, on lhe olhar hand.Starting trom lhe point that students work less in Physics classes, and afiarthey've read some authors concerned with lhe students role in lhe teaching andlearning process, such as FREIRE (1987), HERNÁNDEZ (1998), ALMEIDA &JÚNIOR (2004), BORDENAVE & PEREIRA (1997), COLL etal (2001) amongothers, I led a research in arder to observe, record and analyze lhe studentsactivities in lhe Physics lessons in lhe schools above mentioned. Afterwards, Icarried out some lessons trough learning method by project in arder to check lhecontribution of this method in lhe performance growth of lhe students in lhelessons.The conclusions taken trom this research indicate lhe predominance ofverb, rhetoric in lhe Physics lessons beside lhe olhar recommended ways for lhenatural sciences teaching.The work projects carried out at school nevertheless its low quantity andquality mirrar a sign of a way to follow in arder to increase lhe performance levei oflhe students in lhe Physics lessons.Therefore, in lhe context of this research, performance of alllevels teachersand education managers is recommended, in lhe research, identification andimplementation of all-embracing teaching methodologies which give privilege tolhe activity of lhe learning person in ali processo
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Advisor:Fernando José de Almeida

School:Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:teach learn "Curriculum" method Mozambique work projects learning activities previous knowledge mediation doubt constructivism


Date of Publication:08/04/2006

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