Influência da distância inter-pilar e tipos de fibras de reforço na resistência à fratura de próteses adesivas indiretas

by Barbosa, Liliane Minglini

Abstract (Summary)
This study evaluated the fracture strength of fiber-reinforced composite inlayfixed partial dentures according to the pontic distance and the type of fiberreinforcement.One hundred and twenty bovine incisors were selected andgrounded with 600-grit silicon paper to get an incisor platform, simulating ahuman molar incisal surface. The teeth were included in polystyrene resinblocks and the periodontal ligament was simulated with polyether material inpairs with 2 different distances: d11- 11.0 mm of pontic distance and d18- 18.0mm of pontic distance. Teeth were prepared, resulting in incisal-distal andincisal-mesial Class II boxes. Then, samples were restored with a standardizedcomposite inlay adhesive fixed partial denture (AFPD) made in laboratory resin(Sinfony, 3M Espe), generating 4 groups: Int- direct fiber-reinforcement (Interlig,Angelus); FiLab- laboratory unidirectional fiber-glass bundle (Fibrex Medial)associated to a laboratory multidirectional fiber-glass bundle (Fibrex Junciona l,Lab Fibrex, Angelus); and FiPon- laboratory unidirectional fiber-glass bundleassociated with pre-manufactured fiber-glass pontic (Fibrex Pontic, Angelus).The AFPD samples were fixed with dual-cure resin cement (Rely-X ARC) andafter 24 hours were submitted to a mechanical testing machine with acompressive axial load at the center of the pontic, with a crosshead-speed of0.5mm/minute. Fracture modes were classified according to 3 categories. Datawere analyzed by two-way ANOVA and Tukey test (P lt;.05). The analysisrevealed that the fiber-reinforcement (P lt;.001) and pontic distance (P lt;.001)were significant. The failures were most prevalent among resin and fiber, inabsence of fractures of the fibers or dental structure. The mean fracturestrength and standard deviation of the AFPDs groups were: d11: FiPon (681,8 ±268,9 ), FiLab (537 ± 186,7), Int (370,4 ± 155,8) for d18: FiPon (939,4 ± 175,6),FiLab (666,1 ± 95,5) e Int (445,8 ± 49,7). The fracture strength was significantlyhigher in the 18.0 mm distance with FiPon. Use of unidirectional fiber-glassbundle associated with fiber-glass pontic increases the fracture resistanceirrespective of the distances tested.
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Advisor:Paulo Sérgio Quagliatto; Lawrence Gonzaga Lopes; Carlos José Soares

School:Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:prótese adesiva fibra de reforço dente bovino odontologia dentária adesivos dentários


Date of Publication:02/26/2008

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