Utilização da bainha mediana de palmito (Euterpe edulis Mart. Arecaceae) como substrato para cultivo de Lentinula edodes (Beck.) Pegler

by Gallassini Tonini, Rosa Cristina

Abstract (Summary)
The present work aimed to evaluate the potential of the median sheath of heart of palm (Euterpe edulis Mart. Arecaceae), residue obtained during the processing of heart of palm for pickle, as a substrate for the mycelial growth and for the fruiting of Lentinula edodes (Beck.) Pegler. In order to supplement. the substrate it was used soya bran (Glycine max), residue from the processing of edible oil, and cassava bagasse (Manihot esculenta), residue from the processing of manioc meal. It was employed CCB 514 strain for preliminary studies (P1 and P2 assays), for biological characterization (analyses of the effect of different nitrogen concentrations, pH values and glucose concentration in the culture medium, as well as the effect of temperature and brightness in the mycelial growth ? F1 assay), for the evaluation of the kinetics of the radial mycelial growth (F2 assay) and for the mycelial growth in flask (F3 assay). For the fruiting assay (F4 assay), it was also used the strains SJC, CCB 515, CCB 559, CCB 581 and FEB 14. It is possible to verify, in respect to the biological characterization, that the increase of the nitrogen concentration coming from soya bran reduced the velocity of the radial growth of the mycelium and incremented the yield of aerial mycelium. The incubation of the fungus at the temperature of 25°C led to the best mycelial growth, unlikely the pH values, glucose concentration and presence of light. In relation to the fruiting studies, the nitrogen source led to higher mycelial vigor; however, the excess of it was not suitable for the fruiting. The cassava bagasse present in the substrate, led to the yield of the origin of the majority of the strains and to the fruiting of CCB 515 and 581 strains. The result suggested that the heart of palm median sheath is a residue that can be employed as a substrate for the mycelial growth of L. edodes and that, the residues of soya bran and cassava bagasse, in suitable proportions, can be used to supplement the median sheath as substrate for the fruiting of the mentioned fungus.
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Advisor:Margarida Matos de Mendonça; Lúcia Sevegnani; Lorena Benathar Ballod Tavares; Noemia Kazue Ishikawa

School:Universidade Regional de Blumenau

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Lentinula edodes Palm Fungus Mycelial growth


Date of Publication:04/30/2004

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