A utilização da Internet como instrumento para a realização de ações estratégicas de marketing: uma aplicação realizada nas empresas de médio e grande porte do setor têxtil do Vale do Itajaí-SC

by Macha Ostetto, Fernanda Schroeder

Abstract (Summary)
With the democratization of the use of the internet in Brazil and the world, the companies start to have a new instrument for the actions of marketing come back to the environment online. The capacity of a very great number of people to be on between itself becomes the internet a highly attractive way in the application of strategical actions of marketing. The virtual environment demands adequacies in the actions that before were carried through on the basis of the traditional marketing and the proper internet consumer if it presents with distinct characteristics, happened of the access to the new technologies. In this context, the objective of this study was to verify if the carried through actions of marketing through the internet are really bringing resulted positive for the textile industry of medium and great transport of the Valley of the Itajaí and which the importance of the internet as instrument of marketing for these organizations. By means of a quantitative research, one entered in contact with all the companies of medium and great transport, according to criterion of the Federacy of the Industries of the State of Santa Catarina, through a questionnaire structuralized with closed questions. The results show that the average companies are have little time using the internet in its action of marketing in relation to the big companies, but, in general way, the development of sites and the sending of direct e-mail are the actions more used by both. One of the important factors that they had led the companies to the environment on-line was the search for efficiency and the creation of relationship with diverse the public-target, mainly the final consumer and the peddlers. But, despite the interest in creating relationships through the world-wide net, the most of the companies does not possess a data base structuralized. Finally, one concludes that it has a consensus on the importance of the internet for the accomplishment of the actions of marketing, that the big companies already are using the internet have some time and a good part of the average companies also is in the World Wide Web, what it evidences that the results with the use of the net tend to be positive. It fits to point out the possibility of other types of action still to be explored for these companies, mainly action of relationship through a data base that it aims at to the possibility of the use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
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Advisor:Oscar Dalfovo; Ruth Ferreira Roque Rossi; Arnaldo Rosa de Andrade; Juarez Perfeito

School:Universidade Regional de Blumenau

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Marketing CRM Textille industry Customer Relationship Management


Date of Publication:09/29/2005

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