The coronation music of Charles II

by Pierce, Kathryn.

Abstract (Summary)
Vincent Corrigan, Advisor The seventeenth century was a time of upheaval for Great Britain. Reflective of that was the plight of London’s musicians. During the two civil wars, many of London’s musicians either fled the city or fought for the Royalist cause. Those musicians who survived the wars had to adjust to the new reality of Commonwealth rule as professional musical institutions were dismantled. Musicians who worked in theaters, churches, and at court were forced to find new employment. The Restoration of the monarchy was a significant event in Great Britain’s musical history as well as its political history. The Coronation of Charles II and the Procession on the preceding day marked not only the return of the monarchy, but also the return of Great Britain’s (and especially London’s) musical institutions. Several sources for the Coronation and Procession exist that provide a partial record of the music used. This thesis brings together all of the sources, including manuscripts, diaries, official documents, and music manuals (in facsimile) in order to reconstruct the musical portions of the Coronation and Procession. Although at the present moment a complete reconstruction cannot be made, this study provides as clear a picture as possible, given the sources available. This study includes transcriptions of music that was certainly part of the Coronation and Procession, as well as transcriptions of music that may have been used, but was never included in any record. iii
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