On the control of the interactions between phase transformations and mechanical properties in finely-grained multiphase alloys, a way for sustainable development in materials science

by Jacques, Pascal

Abstract (Summary)
Improving the performance of structural materials definitely leads to their better use for several applications, and consequently to a decrease in the use of natural resources or in the harmful environmental consequences. For example, reducing the weight of cars or planes while improving their structural performances will also bring about a decrease of their fuel consumption and of their level of emitted CO2. The key issue is thus to find and to fabricate better materials for these applications. Our research project deals with the influence of thermal, mechanical and thermomechanical parameters on the thermodynamics, kinetics, crystallography and mechanics of phase transformations occurring in different metallic alloys presenting finely grained multiphase microstructures in order to design new alloys or microstructures exhibiting mechanical properties never reached before. It encompasses the characterisation and the understanding of the relationships between the mechanisms dictating the elastic-plastic properties and the phase transformations and recrystallisation of different engineering metallic materials including steels, iron alloys and titanium alloys in order to improve their structural performances. We focus, on the one hand, on how the microstructure of engineering alloys can be designed and controlled through the combined actions of heat and deformation, and on the other hand, on the discovery and the understanding of how phenomena operating at different scales dictate the macroscopic mechanical behaviour. By controlling the defects structures generated at several levels ranging from 1nm to 100┬Ám in the engineered microstructures, it is possible to attain large improvements of the mechanical properties instead of premature embrittlement.
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School:Université catholique de Louvain

School Location:Belgium

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:physical metallurgy phase transformation titanium steel characterisation


Date of Publication:09/03/2007

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