Prática colaborativa na formação de professores:a informática nas aulas de matemática no cotidiano da escola

by da Silva, Jean Carlo

Abstract (Summary)
In this inquiry we perceive that the challenge is to find ways toform and to involve the university?s professors in practical collaborativesto produce and to improve moments where the pupils of the course ofMathematical Licentiateship are socializing and producing to knowprofessors to them related to the work with the new technologies in thedaily one of the schools.We approach the question of the new technologies in the initialformation of professors of the Course of Mathematics and carry throughreflections on its implications in the professional performance of theseteaching futures. Supported in ideas structuralized in the history andthe culture of the citizens of the research, we look for to analyze therelations that get implicated in the initial formation of theseprofessionals during practical of education and the supervisedcurricular period of training.When working with the computers we look for to identify to knowthem that the trainees - future professors - withheld and/or hadconstituted on the didactic use of this informational tool. In this workwe search to understand as if it processes the formation/constructionof the knowledge concerning new methodologies of teaching work inenvironments informatics in the schools.The process of formation of professors of Mathematics suffersinfluence of diverse factors - social, politicians, cultural andtechnological. This in motivated them to extend our analysis on thepractical one developed in the search to understand as if they constituteto know professors to them of the future professors of Mathematicsconcerning the work in a informatic?s environment.
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Advisor:Arlindo José de Souza Junior

School:Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Initial formation of mathematics professors Educativecomputer science Daily pertaining to school


Date of Publication:02/24/2005

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