The child?s experience with drugs: characteristics of use and familiar circunstances

by Vasconcelos de, Katia Cristiane

Abstract (Summary)
The study is a reflexion of the use of drugs among children, pointing that as one of the most serious social problem nowadays. Customize the abuse of drugs reflecting on the childhood and the family?s influence of the problem of the children that use drugs, is the main objective of this thesis. Choosing the qualitative method of research, the investigation starts with the reports of the children and mothers assisted at Centro de Referência e Apoio à Criança e ao Adolescente Usuários de Drogas, program of specialized assistance of 1ª Vara da Infância e da Juventude de Natal/RN. The research was done through semi-structured interviews, in a total of six subjects: three children and their respective mothers. Through the reports of the subjects, it is brought theorical reflexions that illustrates their perceptions and conceptions about topics like the usage of drugs, the circumstances the usage of drugs was started, the family ?s structure and dynamic, the situation on the streets, and other factors that affect the development of a child in her/his environment. It is proved that the usage of drugs in Brazil, problem that has been increasing the number of children affected by, is a multi faceted and complex phenomenon but some factors of social and family risks deserve to be pointed out like the manner of support future actions in the prevention area
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Advisor:Ana Cecília de Sousa Bittencourt Bastos; Magda Diniz Bezerra Dimenstein; Herculano Ricardo Campos

School:Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:abuse of drugs childhood family, drug addict children living on streets


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