Gnosjöandans barn och deras framtidsvisioner : En studie gjord på Entekprogrammet i Gnosjö

by Jönsson, Jenny

Abstract (Summary)
The aim of this thesis is to study and analyze a village in the southern of Sweden called Gnosjö, which is famous for a special spirit of industrial success and entrepreneurship. Gnosjö has been successful and famous for many years but is now standing in front of several threats, like a growing number of out moving inhabitants, a low standard of education and difficulties for women to make carrier. Trying to reduce the threat of young inhabitants moving out, a new education program started three years ago with the purpose to make young students to be more interested in the technical development of the industry and make them stay in the district and hopefully be entrepreneurs.The research questions are; which consequences does “Entekprogrammet” and the background of the students have on the students view on the spirit of Gnosjö, carrier in the local industries and wish of staying or moving from Gnosjö. Furthermore, I want to see if there are any differences between the girls and the boys, does sex have an influence on the view at the future? The study is made by qualitative and quantitative method. My empirical material has been collected through inquiries, interviews and observations.In fact, the students on the Entekprogram are very interested and keened on a future within the local industry and are eager to be educated in technical development. Nearly all of them wants to run an own company in the future. They are not frightened by the thought of staying in Gnosjö, if they get the possibility to make a carrier in the district of Gnosjö, easier than anywhere else. There is also no difference between boys and girls, the problem is that the girls are so few and the difficulties of getting girls to study technical subjects.Keywords: Gnosjö, the spirit of Gnosjö, Entekprogrammet.
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:02/02/2009

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