Gråzonens barn -En studie i gränslandet mellan normalitet och avvikelse, mellan individen och kollektivet

by Vassiliou, Spiridoula

Abstract (Summary)
The purpose of this study is to research into the role of the citizen and the educational system in Sweden throughout periods of time based on previous theoretic works, and also to deepen the understanding of students with special needs in Swedish education focusing on the primary school years. This shall be carried out by illustrating the different points of view and choices within the educational system that are at hand for students with concentration difficulties and social difficulties.I will analyze these points through a cultural and social perspective on contemporary society in order to contribute towards today’s discourse on the norm. The result of this empirical investigation presents a dilemma existing in the democratic educational system of today. Nationally and internationally, the educational system has been structured around a normative system containing both rights and duties that effect everyone working within it. It is not seldom that the rights of the individual collide with collective duties within the school.This study shows that the educational system, and society at large, is founded upon a norm shaping the way people exist, behave and act within its boundaries. When an individual cannot live up to it’s ideals society perceives this as a fault that needs correcting. The students that cannot live up to the standards and the ideas of the system become marginalised in society. These students become exposed to various tests performed by the school’s professionals as a means to redefining the individual in question
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:primary education remedial norm culture and society divergence hermeneutic


Date of Publication:06/14/2007

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