Felsökningssystem för bankomat

by Sureshkumar, Meena

Abstract (Summary)
NMD 100 is a notes and media dispensing machine, manufactured by De La Rue Ltd, located in Flen, Sweden. The customers, mainly bank offices, have expressed a need for a more comprehensive description of errors occurring from time to time in their machines. In order to acquire a BSc-degree in Computer and Electronics Technology at the University of Linköping I have carried out a diploma work, regarding new computer programs to fulfil the customers’ wishes. The machine NMD 100 is connected to its PC through handshaking. From the PC, the personnel can give orders regarding desired actions to the NMD 100. In turn, the NMD will respond to the PC. Inside the NMD, the Note Stacker is equipped with a great number of sensors. They control that the bundle of notes, delivered to the ATM customer is correct, regarding the number of notes and denomination. Notes that in any way are not immaculate will be sent to the Reject Vault. If internal errors or warnings occur in the NMD, a code consisting of 8 digits is sent to the PC. The location of the error or warning is defined by the last 4 digits. The scope of my work is to define and present this information. For this purpose the company uses the program language C++ and the tool Borland C++ Builder 6. In particular, the program NMDW-Test is used to send commands from the PC to the NMD. After having studied the above programs, I was able to write new programmes for error detection, interface and installation. After program testing, the company accepted the result of my work.
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School:Linköpings universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:felsökning bankomat program grafiskt gränsnitt borland c builder 6


Date of Publication:01/01/2003

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