Tillämpningen av tredimensionell fastighetsbildning : studie av resultatet efter 2,5 år med ny lagstiftning

by Danneby, Björn

Abstract (Summary)
From January 1, 2004 a new legalisation had established that allow three-dimensional real estate property founding. Through a investigation, information would be collected how the application become the first two and a half years, and also get a image of how the continuing development would become.The questions was if detail plans had been adjusted for three-dimensional real estate property division, which purpose that existed represent, and how the rights and duties had been secured. Further the investigation would treat differences in the application depending on geographical distribution in the country, and which affect the location had in the cities.The information was collected by go through data from the real estate property directory, carry out case studies, make interviews with public authorities and participate at a training college. The municipalities that had been chosen out for the interviews was a representative selection of different amount of population and whether it had a high or low use of real estate properties with three-dimensional space.Totally, it had founded 89 real estate properties. The geographical spreading over the country was distributed approximately at the same way as the inhabitants. Big rental buildings come to be the biggest existed primary real estate property type, but the most purpose was existed. As big part as 75 per cent of the real estates were located in areas with roughly hard settlement pressure. In the big cities, foremost areas close to central business district and close to open water was employed. 92 per cent of the real estates were situated within a area that was covered by a detailed plan. 40 per cent had founded based on a detail plan that have a date not older than 1 July, 2003. This was in itself not a evidence on that these plans had been adjusted for three-dimensional real estate property division. The real estates had in 51 per cent of the cases only founded through partition. The relative frequency of the real estates that was encumbered with an easement was 90 per cent, and 51 per cent participating in jointly-owned facilities. In at least 10 per cent of the cases, some needs were provided in a official duty made afterwards. In one of the case studies, information came out that the official duty had founded a more suitable real estate property division, based on the existing circumstances, and had also create conditions for a more adapted administration. All municipalities had received queries 5 about three-dimensional real estate property division. There it earlier had founded threedimensional real estates properties, new official duties were going on.It was possible to discern that co-operative apartment junctions was somehow involved in a considerable part of the real estates properties that was three-dimensionally divided. But also a big part constitute cases there the purpose was that optimise the utilization of real estate property. The only geographical connection that existed within a purpose perspective was that rental buildings in a higher extension were located to bigger cities in south part of the country. Three-dimensional real estate property division become probably also to constitute a big importance in development and condensation of the most populated areas. It seems to be mult i-story car parking in combination with other purposes that becomes the first outline concept. It lay a big liability on the plan authors in the cities, that in a early stage of the plan process take up questions about a effectively land use. Three-dimensional real estate property division will become a natural part in the future building of social structures, regardless to the geographical location.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:real estate application social planning physical three dimensional


Date of Publication:06/26/2007

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