Jämförelse av takkonstruktioner

by Hedby, Tobias; Winnberg, Dan

Abstract (Summary)
The background to this final thesis is that our mandator, A-hus, was interested to examine which roof system that would be most appropriate to their types of houses. To investigate this, we first conducted an evaluation of the most commonly used roof systems in Sweden today: decking, board, roof cloth and prefabricated roof cassettes.To gather information about the different systems we have conducted interviews with several professionals within the construction industry, done an extensive literature study, and gathered information from the Internet.Based on the evaluation of roof systems and the literature, we analyzed advantages and disadvantages of the roof systems from three main perspectives: system characteristics, economics and other characteristics. We found these perspectives to be the most relevant when selecting a roof system.The main perspectives comprise three categories which are graded. These grades are then added together for a score for each main perspective and a total score for the three main perspectives. Then we compared the systems and, based on the scores, suggested one roof system as the most suitable for A-hus.Our result suggests that the prefabricated roof cassettes probably is the best solution for A-hus, but only if it is possible to standardize the cassettes and still maintain the flexibility to match A-hus’ house types. If this can be realized, the high planning costs, which currently are a major part of the total costs, can decrease. In time, even the high costs for site assembling can decrease. The main advantage with the roof cassettes is the possibility to eliminate almost all moist, which otherwise are complicated to deal with.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:06/22/2006

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