Undersökning av sambandet mellan aktieutveckling, P/E-tal och direktavkastning

by Martinsson, Johan; Magnusson, Fredrik; Söderström, Jerker

Abstract (Summary)
Earlier research from USA concludes that the P/E-ratio and the dividend yield works well as indicators of the expected stock price. This research goes from far beyond to the year 2000. The idea with this paper is to apply recent researchers’ thoughts on to the Swedish stock market for the years after 2000. The authors of this paper want to investigate whether historical values in dividend yield and P/E ratios could guide an investor to a better investment decision during the period 2000-2008.The paper consists of two parts, one extensive quantitative part and one more basic qualitative part. In the quantitative part, tests on the data collected are made with the help of regression analysis. The qualitative part consists mostly from interviews of analysts from financial companies; these are meant to work as a support to the quantitative part. Some of the analysts interviewed have also been a support during the writing of this paper.For the period investigated, the P/E-ratio has worked well as an indicator and the results from the tests are in line with existing theories. To show that the dividend yield also has worked well as an indicator during same period is not possible and the results is not in line with existing theory. Something to bare in mind is that the period measured is strongly influenced by the dot-com bubble and also that the period measured might be too short.
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School:Högskolan i Skövde

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:06/19/2008

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