Mätning av produktionstiden vid prefabricerade hus : En tidsstudie vid Sävsjö Trähus AB

by Bayley, Peter

Abstract (Summary)
Price-setting of a house includes production-cost and the production-cost is a substanial part of the total price. In production-cost are material, write-offs and salaries included. The last mentioned factor is the one that is most difficult to determine since the house-sizes and architectures never are the same. The person responsible for tender and making deals are today using factors of manufacturing which are based upon many years of experience and where the measurement is either h/m2 or h/pc depending on which factor one uses. The total covering-costs is good totally, but one does not know whether the proportions between different house-types is accurate since it constantly circulates multiple different houses in production. In this examination-work has multiple time-studies been made to research the factors of manufacturing and the proportion of them. The production-flow of the factory is controlled of the manufacturing of outer-walls and therefore the studies narrowed down to measure the stations that are assembling these. The results of the time-study showed tendencies that outer-walls made in the line and gables made at the turning-table have a factor that is high in the present system. Windows that was installed loose in a partition and windows that were studded in windowsill were also measured. Both these factors resulted in a low factor comparing to the presence.During the time-study, that lasted four weeks of time, was even the production-process researched and resulted in suggestions for changes that could increase efficiency, quality and security in the factory. One of the suggestions that could result in more efficiency was dividing the workload more efficiently in production of prefabricated houses.
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:08/22/2007

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