Kartläggning av truckflöden på Primary Products : Ur ett Lean Production perspektiv

by Wallin, Kristina; Westblom, Maria

Abstract (Summary)
The Transport division is responsible for the internal transports on Sandvik MaterialTechnology AB. At the moment there is no clear picture of how the straddle carriers aremoving at the division Primary Products and if it is working in a satisfying way. It isimportant to see the whole picture of the transportation flow so improvements can be made.The purpose of this essay is to survey and analyse the truck flow in a Lean Productionperspective. The essay is delimited to only include straddle carriers transportation ways in thePrimary Products division. To survey the truck flow we have used a method called Walkthrough.This means that we have walked thorough the whole production flow andinterviewed some of the employed on the way to get the necessary information. We have alsomade an extensive literature study to gather all the necessary theories that is relevant for thisessay.Since 2003 Sandvik Material Technology is running a project called “ledtidsprojektet”, thepurpose of this project is to create a more efficient production. This project is based on theJapanese philosophy Lean Production but is audited to be suitable to Sandviks organisation.Today most of the producing divisions within SMT are working according to”ledtidsprogrammet”, unfortunately it is not introduced on the Transport division yet.The result we got by studying the use of the straddle carriers showed that 40 % where withcargo, 35 % without and 25 % where remaining times were breaks are included. The basis ofthe study is from a GPS-transmitter which is placed on one of the straddle carrier. We havealso made our own study where we followed on the straddle carrier and measured the time forthe different activities. To get a more statistical secured investigation it is necessary to make amore extensive study, when these study where made during a limited time.On the basis of the truck flows survey some suggestions for improvements have beenidentified. It has showed that today’s key measurements have to be overlooked to give a fairpicture of the situation. They also have to improve the way they are planning the transports.This can be made by better communication with the producing divisions.For the straddle carriers to be more Lean first the producing divisions have to work accordingto the Lean philosophy. It is up to them to try to reduce the stock level and get a more evenlyproduction.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

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Date of Publication:09/23/2008

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