Coleópteros associados a flores e inflorescências de Annonaceae e Araceae na Região da Floresta Atlântica em Pernambuco

by Dália Maia, Artur Campos

Abstract (Summary)
We have approached the pollination biology of native cantharophilous aroids from the state of Pernambuco and the natural pollination of soursop (Annona muricata L.,Annonaceae), a fruit crop commonly cultivated throughout the state. The studied areas were the ?Reserva Ecológica da Mata da Usina São José? (municipality of Igarassu), ?Estação Experimental de Itapirema? (municipality of Goiana) and an abandoned lot in Aldeia road (municipality of Camaragibe). Three cantharophilous Araceae species were found: Philodendron acutatum, Caladium bicolor e Taccarum ulei. Beetles from the genus Cyclocephala (Scarabaeidae, Dynastinae) were the sole pollinators of these plants. They exhibited crepuscular-nocturnal activity, closely related to the phases of anthesis. Among the most remarkable adaptations found in the inflorescences are attractive odors emission, hardy floral architecture and food rewards, presented as nutritious tissues and pollen. Another feature was the floral thermogenesis, a metabolic mechanism of spadix heating which facilitates volatile dispersal and provides warm shelter inside the floral chambers. This heating determines the beginning of the female phase, which peaks at temperatures of the spadix up to 14ºC over ambient air?s. A.muricata was pollinated by a Cyclocephala species as well (C. vestita) and showed floral adaptations similar to those found in Araceae. Success in the maintenance of adults of C. vestita in captivity yielded viable first instar larvae, which assures promising future strategies in captivity brooding
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Advisor:Clemens Peter Schlindwein

School:Universidade Federal de Pernambuco

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Annonaceae Scarabaeidae Cyclocephalini


Date of Publication:02/15/2006

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