An analysis of the relationship between zero tolerance attitude and pupil control ideology

by Heineman, Dale Lewis.

Abstract (Summary)
This research was designed to investigate the correlation between Zero Tolerance Attitudes and Donald Willower’s Pupil Control Ideology. In order to complete the investigation, it was necessary to develop a survey which would allow the researcher to assess each respondent’s survey and attach a numerical value with lower numbers corresponding to an opposition to zero tolerance and a higher number to those who favor zero tolerance. This was done by creating a two part zero tolerance survey and combining it with the pupil control survey. The investigation also required the survey to be completed by administrators. This was accomplished by using an on-line survey process. Administrator were sent an email and asked to go to a website where the survey was being housed, fill it out and submit it. The final portion of the research was to evaluate the data received and determine if any correlation existed. There was not a definite correlation; however, several other interesting factors were uncovered as a result of analyzing the data. These factors included the uncovering of two interesting facts: first, compared to women, men appear to be stricter in their perceptions about zero tolerance, but tend to give less zero tolerance punishments in their action. The same result occurred when comparing the perceptions and actions of administrators with longevity with those relatively new to administration. iii
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School:Pennsylvania State University

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