Work and its motivation : studies in the motivation of Hong Kong blue and white collar workers

by Teo, Shiu-wing

Abstract (Summary)
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Chapter I

'1.'.b.e Objectives ot the Thesis 1.1 Ob3eotive One

1.2 Two


Chapter II

The Importanoe of Bebavioval SCJienee.


2.1 Concern tor People V. Concern tor hoduoUon.

2.2 The Managerial Grid.

2.3 The Importaaoe of lh1un Skills to Various Levels ot Management.

2.4 !he Importanoe ot the S1iud.y o!

Motivational PS;y'op.ology to Management.

2.5 The Influence of Motivation ot Job perf' orma.nce.

Chapter III .An Introduction to the P.,oholog.y of Motivation 15 '.1 What is the study o.t Motivation.

'.2 The concept of Human Weeds.

:5.4 DeteI.'Dl!r>.ants of Reinforcing strength of Incentives.

'.5 How Incentives Motivate Emplo1ee ? ,.6 S\lDlJIl8.rY of the Chapter.

Chapter IV ?ployee Motivation in Hong Kong 4.1 Produot1vit7 conaoiousness and Emp107ee Motivation.

4.2 Financial Inoentive S78tems used in Hong Kong.

4.4 How Time and Work Standarda are set In Hong Kong.

4.5 Advantages ot the Piece Work S1stem as Ex.perienced by H.cng Kong Managers.

4.6 Advantages felt by Hong Kong Operatives under the Piece WOrk System.

4.7 Disadvantages of the piece Work gyatem as Ezpe1'ienoe4 1,,7 lIoDg Kong Managen.

4.8 Disadvantages .felt GyRong Kong Ope:ra'J:ns under the Piece Work Sy'stem.

Chapter V

Some Western concepts of Employee Motivation

5.1 The popular Hong Kong Meaning of "'fhe.q" and "Practice".

5.2 Three Major Approaches to l!)nploys.

Motivation 1n. the west.

Chapter VI A Su.rvej 0J'1 work Values :J.n Hong Kong '.1 :BaBground to the SUn"ey.

6.2 The .~eotives of the SurT8Y'.

6.3 '-'he Developmant of the 8Ur'?ey. 6.4 Changes and Innova.tions Made as a.

Resul t of the FiJ:st Trial SUrVey-.



6.5 The second Trial survey. 6.6 The Survey Proper.

6.7 General Comments on the SUrVeys.

Chapter vn Results of the SUrVeY'

7.1 Four Directly Relevant SUrveys.

7.2 Methods of Anal1sis. 7.3 Results of the survey.


Chapter VIII EPilogae

B.l The survey :F1ndinp and their Signifioance.

B.2 Dlffioul ties EDCountered in the survey.

8.3 Future Developments.

Appendix A " B ,. C u D u E " F " Q ? H " I ? J " K " L Bibliography l4}


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School:The University of Hong Kong

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Date of Publication:01/01/1974

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