Wireless technology use in schools to support student learning

by Chan, Sau-chuen

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This study presents a case study on how wireless technologies and notebook computers are used in a secondary school. It is written from a native perspective of seven frontline teachers who have contributed to this study their perceptions, expectations and practical experiences through semi-structured interviews with the researcher. The study looks into the impact of techno 10 gies on the approach of teaching and learning and how school factors influence it. It also measures the achievements that the School made in technological integration. It is of significance in a way that it has investigated the context of study by understanding the school culture, looking at the process and developing a holistic view using various conceptual frameworks for interpretation and analysis of the data collected. It is hoped to produce information to the school management and teachers for reflection and evaluation for better deployment of wireless network and notebook computers in the future. The findings show that the wireless network and ownership of notebook computers among teachers has greatly increased the frequency ofuse ofIT in teaching and thus their self-efficacy. It also enables teachers to establish a very positive attitude towards the use of technology in classroom teaching as the teaching process is much facilitated particularly in the delivery of more and accurate teaching materials. However, traditional approach of teaching and learning is still predominant in the classroom because pedagogical changes are found to be dependent on other factors including the curriculum content, resources and the provision of computers to students.


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School:The University of Hong Kong

School Location:China - Hong Kong SAR

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:education secondary china hong kong computer assisted instruction teaching aids and devices high school teachers attitudes


Date of Publication:01/01/2003

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