Wireless local network architecture for Naval medical treatment facilities /

by Deason, Russell C.

Abstract (Summary)
In today's Navy Medicine, an approach towards wireless networks is coming into view. The idea of developing and deploying workable Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) throughout Naval hospitals is but just a few years down the road. Currently Naval Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF) are using wired Local Area Networks (LANs) throughout the infrastructure of each facility. Civilian hospitals and other medical treatment facilities have been experimenting with the concept of WLAN for the past few years. The concept is not new within the Department of Defense. The thought of utilizing wireless technology within a Naval MTF has been challenged by many different situations that have hindered its opportunity of arriving on the scene at an earlier time. The use of wireless technology within a Naval MTF is boundless at this time. With newer capabilities being developed every few months or so, the time grows closer when WLANs will be apart of normal day to day operations for medical staff, administrators, and executives within Navy Medicine. This thesis will take a look at the architecture of an 802.11x WLAN within a Naval MTF from a "macro" view. It will observe the requirements and needs assessment, along with the pros and cons of wireless that drive Navy Medicine towards the development and deployment of wireless 802.11x technologies. It will also review current technology, architecture, and policies that help in the decision making process. Last, this thesis will look at the cost benefits along with a developmental plan to help in determining if wireless is the way to go for a Naval Medicine.
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School:The United States Naval Postgraduate School

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