Wireless communications infrastructure for collaboration in common space /

by Metingu, Kivanc.

Abstract (Summary)
Modern technology is making virtual environments a part of daily life. However, some constraints about the usage of virtual environments, such as the need for high performance and well-configured computers, prevent users from accessing virtual environments in some places other than special computer rooms. Mobile devices may be used to solve this limitation in a virtual environment. The remote-control approach to access virtual worlds on the Internet or on a corporate network is a new concept that opens new doors to users. First step of this approach is already in use, such as games implemented for mobile devices using the screen of a mobile device as display, and has given satisfying results for some users. This research will take the user, who not only wants to be mobile but also does not want to sacrifice high resolution textures and complex models, closer to his/her goal. Mobile devices provide mobility to the user, but sacrifice not only the reality of the virtual environments but also screen size, which is very important for visibility of complex virtual environments. The hybrid approach with wireless internet connection by using mobile devices as remote control gives the user the advantages of mobility over desktop PCs. On the other hand, the realism provided by high-quality PCs on the server side exceeds the capabilities of mobile devices.
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School:The United States Naval Postgraduate School

School Location:USA - California

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:wireless communication systems ethernet local area network system bluetooth technology remote control


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