Where do we go from here? understanding the impact of racism and its influence on African-American male superintendents /

by Gregory, Donnelle E.

Abstract (Summary)
This study ascertains why there are so few African- American male superintendents; and it determines factors that led those African-Americans males who are in the superintendency to seek positions in the urban superintendency. The population studied was African-American male superintendents in the Mid-Western states. The study was limited by the small number of superintendents in Mid- Western states as well as in the study. The review of the literature has a three-part focus:(a) to examine Critical Race Theory and its implications for the educational attainment of African- Americans in America; (b) to examine Social Reproduction Theory as a mechanism to eliminate African-American males from the superintendency; and (c) to utilize the review of the literature in order to redefine the urban superintendency. The present study is a qualitative study and a phenomenological study supported by grounded research theory. A phenomenological study describes and interprets the self-reported experiences of participants who are selected because they have lived the experiences being investigated and were willing to discuss their experiences.
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School:University of Cincinnati

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