What a wonderful world, multilateral chemical management conventions, liberalisation policies and the chemical industry

by Cowling, Robin Lynne

Abstract (Summary)
This thesis begins with an examination of the context of nsk in which multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) are being drafted and implemented. Through a discussion of the relationship between the characteristics of multinational corporations and the phenomenon of globalisation, the impetus behind globalisation practices is reveded. This is then contextualised with an examination of the contribution of the chemical industry toward the parailel globalisations of production and environmental hm. A discussion of trade and investrnent liberalisation instruments is then undertaken to illustrate the current hierarchy between these instruments and MEAs. This analysis reveals the present incompatibility of these instruments and suggests the need, nom an environmental perspective, to reconceptualise the relationship. An examination of two emerging chemical management conventions for Pnor Informed Consent and Persistent Organic Pollutants mer illustrates the difficulties in drafting environmentally effective MEAs and discusses possibilities for change, such as the need to utilise a precautionary approach. The thesis concludes by finding that the present hierarchy of interests, in which MEAs are secondary to those of trade and investment instruments, must be reversed in light of the serious implications of continuing to maintain the status quo. vii List of Abbreviatioas and Symbois Used BCSD CEG CE0 CFCs CMA CTE DGD DNA DDT FA0 FDI GATT GDP IAEA IFCS IGO IOMC IPCS IPM IRPTC ITO rNC IUCN Business Council on Sustainable Developrnent Cnteria Experts Group Chief Executive Offrcer Chloro Fluoro Carbons Chemical Manufacturers Association Committee on Trade and Environment Decision Guidance Document Designated National Authority Dichloro Diphenyl Tnchlorethane Food and Agriculturd Organisation Foreign Direct Investment General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade Gross Domestic Product International Atomic Energy Agency Inter-GovemmentaI Forum on Chemicai Safety Inter-Govenimental Organisations Inter-Organisation Programme for the Sound Management of Chemicals International Programme on Chemical Safety Integrated Pest Management International International International International Register of Potentially Toxic Chemicals Trade Organisation Negotiating Committee Union for the Conservation of Nature . . . Vlll MAI MEAS MIA MLF MMT MNCs NGO ODSs OECD PCBs PIC POPs SPS TBT TNCs UN UNCED UNCTC UNECE UNEP WHA WHO WTO Muitilateral Agreement on hvestment Multilaterd Environmental Agreements Muhilateral Investment Agreement Muitilateral Fund Methylcyclopentadieny 1 Manganese Tricarbony 1 Multinational Corporations Non-Governmental Organisation Ozone Depleting Substances Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Developrnent Polychlorinated Bipheny1s Prior Informed Consent Persistent Organic Pollutants Sanitary and Phytosanitary Technical Barriers to Trade Transnational Corporations United Nations United Nations Conference on Environment and Development United Nations Centre on Transnational Corporations United Nations Economic Commission for Europe United Nations Environment Programme World Health Assembly World Health Organisation World Trade Organisation
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Date of Publication:01/01/1998

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