What drives e-business trends? : With a focus on customer oriented trends and service digitization

by Lindholm Johnsson, Anton

Abstract (Summary)
In this thesis I am going to investigate the trends within e-business, what it is that drivethese trends and why these drivers are of such importance. I chose this subject since I havefound it very interesting and useful in my career because of the importance it embraces intoday’s business world.The aspect of e-commerce has changed a lot lately to in the beginning of the 1990s beabout being present on the Internet with a web site, to being about transactions, meaningto buy or sell through digital media at the end of the 1990s, to today be about being used tomake profitability – an era that can be called e-business, because it is now that e-businessfinally gets its big breakthrough and starts to be recognized as a necessity for companies tosurvive. As long as e-business has existed so have trends in the same matter. What will bethe trends of e-business in the future? Impossible to say of course, but by taking today’smajor trends into consideration, and to look at what drives these trends might have, willmake it possible to get a glimpse of the future of this relatively new business phenomenoncalled e-business.To get the best result possible of my thesis I have made a wide literature study in the subjectby reading and examine accurate literature and articles as well as carried out interviewswith different IT-gurus and other persons that is thought to withhold a lot of informationabout my chosen subject.I have focused on two major trends being customer oriented trends and service digitization.Customer oriented trends are trends which have their focus towards customers suchas customer service, offering more product choices and to have integrated solutions. Servicedigitization is the transformation of paper-based transactions into the new integratedmulti-channel processes. The driver I have found of most significance and therefore focusedon is customers. Customers are important as drivers since they have adopted a newrole in the business process. Customers nowadays have found a way to let their voices tobe heard. With the help of blogs, social networks and wikis over the Internet they can expresstheir feelings and suggestions about products as well as companies and have so to saygained a more active role as customers to also taking part of the development. This voiceof the customers is highly essential to listen to if you as a company want to survive in abusiness world where customers get more and more power.After finishing this study I came up with the importance of service, and especially customerservice as well of personalization and customization (to personalize the shopping experiencefor the customer). Another important conclusion is the importance of customers,both as trends to focus on, as well as drivers behind these trends.iiAcknowledgements
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Date of Publication:04/25/2008

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