Wealth inequality and class location

by 1974- Rubinson, Claude

Abstract (Summary)
Despite a recent increase in the attention given to wealth inequality, no research has examined the role of class, as it is understood within the Marxist tradition, in structuring the distribution of wealth. The use of relational—rather than gradational—measures of class location reveal distinct processes of wealth accumulation. Specifically, analysis of financial (i.e., “liquid”) wealth by class location indicates significant differences between capitalists, petty bourgeoisie, and workers regarding the accumulation of wealth. Index words: Class, Inequality, Marx, Marxism, Net Worth, Socioeconomic Status, SES, Wealth Wealth Inequality and Class Location by Claude Rubinson B.A. Emory University, 1996 A Thesis Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of The University of Georgia in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Master of Arts Athens, Georgia 2002 c? 2002 Claude Rubinson All Rights Reserved Wealth Inequality and Class Location by Claude Rubinson Approved: Major Professor: Mark Cooney Committee: Linda Renzulli William Finlay Cynthia Hewitt Electronic Version Approved: Gordon L. Patel Dean of the Graduate School The University of Georgia July 2002
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