The Wave of Democratisation : Beijing Olympic Games: Improved or Worsened the Democratic Process in China?

by Nosrati Hefzabad, Parasto

Abstract (Summary)
In this thesis I will reflect over whethet the Beijing Summer Olympics in 2008 has improved or worsened a possible democratic development in China. This is done by primaniy ptoviding a theoretical chapter on democtacy and democracy's general development in the world. This is followed by updated information tegardrng the general political system and situation in China This part is included in the thesis to further inform the reader about the general situation in China and enable the readet to, more accurately, draw own conclusions when studying the outcome. Furthefmore, the empirical part will reflect statements made by two noted otganisations, Amnesty International and Human Rights !7atch, prior and after the Olympic Games in Beijing. The reflections will, together with the theory, be compiled and compared in the analysis to investigate whether the Olympic Games has benefited or wotsened a democratic development in China. The analysis will be followed by a final chapter where the reader will be assisted by a conclusion, summary and my own feflections regarding the situation and outcome of the invesugation. The result of the thesis indicates that the Chinese regime aggravated the already poor human and fundamental rights in the country as the Olympic games approached. Nevertheless, the authorities were pressured to fulfil some of the promises made to the internatronal community and International Olympic Committee priot to the games, Iike judicial amendments and providing increased media fteedom. However, international organisations like Amnesty International and Human fughts \X/atch were not impressed nor sausfied by the, according to them, insufficient measufements taken. Ă„fter the Olympic games, the situation in the countfy became less intense, but some of the pressures from international organisations and states on the Chinese regime remained. The small and temporaty improvements made by the regime pnor to the games started a discussion after the Olympics to possibly prolong or even sustain some of these. It can be concluded that although the Beijing Olympic games possibly has contributed to some improvements of human and fundamental rights in China, one should bear in mind that violations of these, to thrs day, still occuf.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:beijing democracy olympic games democratisation demokratisering kina olympiska spelen political science statsvetenskap


Date of Publication:01/01/2009

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