WCeco2008 : Extremt snålspolande toalett

by Månsson, Per; Elmgren, Martin

Abstract (Summary)
This thesis is performed in cooperation with Prodelox AB and JTI (Swedish Institute of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering). The purpose of the project is to generate and develop a WC-technique with a closet sewer that keeps a higher TS-substance than 1.5 %. The WC-technique is mainly directed towards permanent households in sparsely-populated areas and cabins. The goal is to generate concepts of toilets with an extremely low use of water in terms of flushing. The design should be appealing and touch more senses than only the visual. To meet the requirement of a TS-substance of 1.5 %, with regards to the amount of flushes per person and day, the final concept can only use a water amount of 0.3 liters per flush. The implementation begins with a market survey, which shows a lack of toilets on the market with extremely low use of water when flushing and that the competitors’ offers do not reach the customers’ requirements. The implementation continues in to an idea generating phase. The phase consists of producing ideas concerning function and performance as well as shape and experience. The developed ideas concerning function and performance results in 14 solutions. The different solutions are combined into entire concept suggestions which are sifted out to one concept. The developed ideas regarding shape and experience results in 5 design suggestions. Function and design is combined to a final concept. The concept consists of two variations, one with a cistern, were its only use is as a visual effect, and one without. The exterior of the toilet consists mainly of china. The concept uses vacuum as means of transportation and high-pressure flushing for cleaning the toilet-bowl. The toilet-bowl is treated with a low friction surface during production, which makes the cleaning process more reliable. The authors are very pleased with the developed concept since the solutions and the design of the toilet are comparable with a traditional toilet, at the same time as it solves the problem with smell and cleaning of the toilet-bowl, where today’s toilets with low use of water when flushing do not. The authors believe that the concept contains solutions which are both innovative and interesting in terms of future realization of the product. This edition is classified as secret. For a complete report, please contact Prodelox AB.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:06/09/2008

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