Vitamina E e seu efeito radioprotetor sobre o tecido de reparo : estudo morfologico e histometrico

by Abdalla, Celso Maury

Abstract (Summary)
This research had for purpose to evaluate the action of the vitamin E as a radioprotector in the process of the tissue repair in rats, that suffered previously a surgical procedure, which consists of the wound production in the dorsal area. The animais were divided into 8 groups: group C (control) - it consists only of animais in which the wound was made; VE60 and VE90 UI groups previously treated with vitamin E (60 and 90 UI respectively); IR group - constituted by wound and irradiation of its borders, 3 days after surgery; VE60 IR and VE90 IR - these groups were previously treated with 60 and 90 UI of the vitamin E and with irradiation of their borders, after 3 days surgery; OOL groups - the wound plus the previous treatiment of olive oit; OOL IR groups the woun plus the previous treatment with olive oil and the irradiation of its bordes, 3 days after surgery. The radioprotection action of the vitamin E was evaluated by the hematoxylin-eosin staining for morphologic analysis of the granulation tissue, to the 4, 7, 14 and 21 days after surgery and fibroblasts counting to the 4 and 7 days after wound. The analysis of the results showed that the retard in the process of tissue repair, caused by 6 Gy of electrons irradiation with a beam of 6 MeV, did not happen in the groups of animais that received vitamin E. Concerning to the fibroblasts number, smaller amount of the same ones was verified in IR, OOL and OOL IR groups when compared with the control groups, while the other groups did not present difference with the control, in 2 analyzed periods. Thus, vitamin E effectively acts as a as radioprotector, as it was shown
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Advisor:Mario Roberto Vizioli; Mario Roberto Vizioli [Orientador]; Pedro Luiz de Carvalho; Solange Aparecida Caldeira Monteiro; Solange Maria de Almeida; Frab Norberto Boscolo

School:Universidade Estadual de Campinas

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:radiação ionizante antioxidantes radicais livres biologia


Date of Publication:10/15/2004

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