Vilket ursprung har nyheten som du läser i din lokaltidning? : - En fallstudie i lokaltidningsjournalistikens informationskällor och informationskanaler

by Rantakokko, Elin

Abstract (Summary)
AbstractTitle: Where does the news that you read in your localpaper come from? (Vilket ursprung har nyheten som du läser i din lokaltidning?)Number of pages: 45 (57 including enclosures)Author: Elin RantakokkoTutor: Göran SvenssonCourse: Media and Communication Studies 30 hpPeriod: Fall of 2007 University: Division of Media and Communication, Department of Information Science, Uppsala University Purpose/Aim: This paper has the aim to make a systematic survey of the information source and channels that local newspapers use. How much space they get in the paper and how the newspaper works with these sources and channels. The front pages of the newspaper are going to be compared with the insides of the newspaper. The reports roles in the making of news are also examined.Material/method: To be able to answer my questions I’m going to use three different methods. An observation on the papers morning meetings, an quantitative content analysis of five numbers of an local paper and four interviews with two news managers and two reporters on the paper.Main results: The paper makes most of the news by them as well as them receives many of the tip-offs from private persons. These are ranked as news that cost a lot of money to make for the paper. In the paper internal and external sources get a half each. The local paper have many information channels that the public can use to tip the paper. The two channels that are used the most are e-mailing and the telephone. The front pages of the newspaper indicate very well on the material in the inside of the newspaper. The reports does not come with own ideas as much as they would like to, they mean that the most ideas for articles comes during another job.Keywords: Local newspapers, information channels, information source, news value, news gathering, news institution.
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School:Uppsala universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:local newspapers information channels source news value gathering institution


Date of Publication:07/02/2008

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